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Best Smart TV Review

A smart TV is a mixture of computers, television sets and set top boxes. Besides the regular function of TV it can also provide you the internet TV, online media content, and OTT (Over the top), and not this but provide you the on demand streaming media and home networking access so it means that you can stream your favourite music and videos, browse the web and view photos.

Now the point is what makes any smart TV actually smart when every TV in the market calls himself Smart. DON’T WORRY… We will take over the headache from you and gives you every inch of detail on Smart TV’s here in this page. In our review post section you will find the reviews of latest Smart TVs that are launched in the market. In the review, we will do the complete autopsy of a model to give you a every piece of information and feature it has.

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The LG CX 4K OLED TV gives flawless image quality and loaded with PS5-friendly gaming features The LG CX’s is…

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5 Points to keep in mind when buying Smart Tv

1. Picture Quality

Higher the Resolution, better the picture quality
there are three types of Smart TV’s in terms of picture quality. I.e. HD Ready, Full HD and 4K and they are indicates the resolution of TV Screen. HD Ready shows 1366 x 768 pixels resolutions, full HD offers 1920 x 1080 pixels and 4K shows 3840 x 2160 pixels resolutions.

4K TV are costlier among these and if you are a movie lover or fond of good picture quality then you should go for 4K. If not then you can opt for full HD Screens. HD Ready is the cheapest among these and good enough for watching SD Channels.

2. Connection and ports

Connecting Ports are most important point to check while buying the new TV like USB, HDMI etc.

Most of the new models uses HDMI ports to connect to other devices for obtaining best quality audio/video output. So we recommend that you should look for at-least four HDMI ports in the model you choose to buy, and this is for the reason that you should not have to change the wire while connecting other devices to your TV.

3. Wireless connectivity

Basic purpose of Smart TV is to bring the power internet audio video content directly to your TV. Internet connectivity in a TV has many benefits. It will not only bring the audio video content to your TV but you can also connect to your social media network and if your TV has a webcam then you can make a video call too.

So you must check the TV has either a inbuilt WIFI of supports external WIFI to allows to connect your TV to your home WIFI network.

More over it should also support DLNA or Miracast, which allows you to wirelessly connects with your Mobile or Tablet PC and you can play your mobile content directly to your TV without connecting any wire.

4. Audio output

Most of the Slim TV’s have around 10 Watt Speakers that are unable to give the  good quality sound.

If you want a theatre like sound quality we recommend for a home theatre system or separate speaker systems. Make sure that the TV has a optical or SPDIF/ Coaxial audio port, perfect for multichannel audio output.  If not available then it must have 3. mm audio jack to plug simple speaker system.

5. TV size

32, 40, 42, 46/49 and 55 inch are the most common Screen Size available today. To decide which one is perfect screen size for you, measure the distance between your sitting zone to where you want to place your TV Wall.
 32” Screen is good enough for 4-6 ft distance, but the distance is greater than 6 ft up-to 9 ft, you can choose the 40/42 inch Screen Size. If distance is more then 9 ft, go for 46/47 inches screen.