Best Desktop Computers Review

Here we will explain you how to Build Budget Desktop, best desktop computer review, How to Build Gaming Desktop, How to install Windows, How Repair Windows and also how to  successfully upgrade and fix software errors of your PC. We will also give you the latest Desktop Tips Windows 10,8,7 vista.

Computer improves professional skills. But Desktop also require special care to perform them smoothly. Users can increase the lifespan and performance of their desktop  with simple hardware upgrades but many desktop users do not know how to perform their own hardware upgrades and repairs.


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Points to remember when you want to buy new desktop.

Desktop comes in two types, i.e. Branded and Assembled. Branded Desktop is the desktop that are manufactures by companies like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple etc.  While the assembled desktop are those are self-made or by a computer experts according to your needs. Assembled PC is good choice when you need computer for some specific task like video editing or gaming etc. because they are considerably cheap as compared to branded ones.

Choosing a desktop is not a hard task but you must be aware of reason for buying a desktop. Because in order to perform your task well on your machine you have a desktop of right configuration.

There are many points which you should needs to consider before buying a desktop but here I am explaining only five as it is most important ones and any user who are not a computer specialist should needs to know.

Here I am just giving the brief information of below points, and if you wants the full detail on how to choose the right desktop, you should read the article >> How to choose the right desktop

A processor is the brain of your computer and it determines the speed and performance of your machine. its speed is calculated in terms GHz (Giga Hertz)

2. RAM
RAM is used to run the different programs simultaneously greater the ram more big and numbers of programs you can run on your machine.

Connection Ports is used when you want to connect your PC with other external hardware like printer, scanner Camera etc.

Hard Drive is used to store the data and information in your machine.

Most important part after processor, as it determines the graphics of machine. Inbuilt GPU is good option if you are not a heavy user but if you are specialist user then you must go for extra GPU Card.

For Detail go through the full article on the link given above.