Advertisement Policy

Every advertisement that is displayed on this website makes sure they meet the standard advertising policies. When you place an order, the ads will be reviewed within 24 hours or sometime more than that.
Your ads must comply with our advertisement policy, and your local land laws.  If your advert is rejected due to any reason mentioned above, you can edit it and resubmit for the approval. The reasons for disapproval will be mentioned in the email provided by you.

Prohibited Content:

Before placing an ad on our website, it is better to check if it comes under prohibited content. That content which cannot be submitted is known as prohibited content and it includes:

  1. Promotion of illegal products like Tobacco and alcohol for minors below the age group of 21 years.
  2. Advertisements that include weapons like tasers, guns, explosives etc.
  3. Adult content ads of sexual images, adult products, pornographic material or services like sex toys and exotic dancers cannot be entertained.
  4. Those with sensational, scary, and content which evoke a negative response from the audience.
  5. Adverts with content that implies personal assigns like religion, beliefs, race, ethnic origin, sexual practices, medical condition, gender identity, financial status, name etc.
  6. Ads with misleading or false content like offers or business practices.
  7. Ads with social issues or politically exploitative content.
  8. Ads that promote real online money gambling or real money lotteries or bingo or sports books or online real money casino are considered as restricted ones.
  9. Ads that interfere with a viewer’s ability to leave away from the page.
  10. Ads that includes software that results in misleading experience or links to website that has spyware or malware products.
  11. Fake functional ads like CTA button on images which are not real Images that contains results that are not real and those with before-and after-images.
  12. Advertisements that promote loans like pay check advances, or other short-term loan to include one’s expenditure till next payday.
  13. Ads that use techniques to disguise the content on ads or landing pages.
  14. Advertisements that promote Tobacco, alcohol must be complied with local laws of the country, guidelines.

Ad Relevancy

It is quite important that all the elements of an ad like media, images or texts must be appropriate and match with the product, service and the targeted audience perusing the ad.

Ad Accuracy
Every ad must clearly represent the organization, service, product or brand.
The advertisers are not allowed to request any questions to get users personal information instead,
Similar information, For example:  Group age of users etc. can be provided as applicable under law.

We will not review products/services without our satisfaction. Once we are satisfied with your product/service quality we will review them on our site.
Once the reviews/posts are published, any content change and payment refund requests will not be entertained.

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