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Google launches free virtual courses for startup founders and their teams

Google launches free virtual courses for startup founders and their teams

Google has set up Startup School to provide startup founders and their teams across the Asia Pacific with a series of free, hands-on virtual courses.

While Google has provided training programs for startups for years, the Covid-19 pandemic moved them all online and digital. Singapore didn’t host these sessions previously, but there was a Developer Space in Google Singapore where similar programmes were organised for developers and startups.

Startup School expands on that experience with interactive sessions covering a range of topics, from digital marketing and product knowledge to business strategy. The sessions will be led by Googlers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders from around the world.

Training will be held once a week for the next 12 weeks, with the first one happening Tomorrow. Participants can choose from a variety of topics and register for the courses that will best support their goals. All the courses will be virtual and start at 2pm JST/KST which is 1pm in Singapore

As attendees will be from across the APAC region, local startups can rub shoulders and meet their foreign counterparts. 

The chart below has different course titles, dates and course descriptions. The links for registration are also there. Google has provided a blog post with more information. 


Course name



Getting Started with Google Ads

Are you looking to launch Google Ads campaigns? Maybe you’ve set your account up and want to make sure the structure is correct. This session will explain the theory of quality score, and explain how to get the most from your Google Ads activity. During this session, we will discuss how to build your campaign structure according to best practice, and the best approach for creating keyword lists, writing ad copy that will appeal to both users, and the Google auction. We will also review landing page requirements, and explain how to ensure your landing pages are set up for success.



How to Manage Google Ads Effectively

During this session, we will review key Google Ads metrics, and the interdependent relationship between them. We will walk you through the campaign creation process, and how to use Google Ads conversion tracking to measure your performance. Discover the settings and tools available to make sure your campaigns are set up to meet your objectives.



How to Advertise on Youtube

This session is all about getting to know the opportunity Google Ads can provide for your YouTube campaigns. We will explore the most important ad formats, targeting settings and the most important settings to help you on your way to creating your first campaign.



Reach More Users with Google Ads Network

This session will look at the Google Display Network and help you to unlock all of the opportunities it presents to reach users as they browse their favourite websites, videos and mobile apps. Learn about the Google Display Network, the size and the opportunity it presents for display advertising through Google Ads. We will explore what makes up the Google Display Network and the targeting features and ad formats you can use to reach your campaign objectives.



Google Cloud Basics and Best Practices

This is an introduction to cloud computing, Google Cloud services and best practices.



Popular Cloud Tools that Startups Love

A general overview of different Google Cloud services that help startups in their digital transformation journey.



Reimagining Cloud

This session covers a set of Google tools, insights and strategies on how to maximize remote developers’ productivity.



The Most Important Google Analytics Reports for your Business

This session is all about getting to grips with Google Analytics and its reporting interface for those who are new to the tool.


Identify your Most Valuable Customers Using Segments in Google

The ability to create segments of your user base is an extremely powerful feature within Google Analytics. It’s hard to do meaningful analysis in Google Analytics without segments. This session will introduce you to the functionality and show how you can get the most benefit out of segmentation.



How to Get your Website Found on Google Search

Want to learn how to get your website found on Google search? This session will look at the fundamentals of organic search and how to start driving traffic from search engines. 



Introduction to Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is Google’s simple solution to ensuring that all of your marketing and analytics tags fire where you need them to, when you want them to. Easily place all of your Google Marketing Platform tags including floodlights, as well as other marketing tools.


Introduction to Google Data Studio

Data Studio is Google’s dashboarding / reporting tool that allows you to visualise data from most Google products (and from other tools through using Google Sheets) in an appealing, user-friendly way.



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