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With its seven displays, the Aurora 7 is a multitasker’s dream notebook

With its seven displays, the Aurora 7 is a multitasker’s dream notebook

For multitaskers, the problem with working on notebooks is the lack of screen real estate. You can only have one, and even if it’s a high-resolution display, size is a problem.

Expanscape has the solution and it’s called the Aurora 7. Essentially, it’s a notebook with, you guessed it, seven displays.

The company says the Aurora 7 was designed as a mobile security operations centre, but it can also be used by content creators, data scientists, and stock traders.

It’s a beastly looking thing, more akin to seven displays strapped to a big black box than anything else.

There are four 17.3-inch 4K displays and a further three 7-inch Full-HD+ displays. There’s another 1.44-inch mini display for system status.

These are powered by an Intel Core i9-9900K processor with a GeForce GTX 1060 GPU. These components were chosen for their blend of performance and portability.

Yes, the Aurora 7 can be run off battery. The main battery is 82Wh and it has a secondary 148Wh battery for the displays. Battery life is up to an hour, which isn’t too bad considering the number of displays it has to power.

The Aurora 7 can be folded down for easy transporting. With all of its displays, it comes it at 11cm thick. Weight is said to be around 12kg. You’ll need a strong back to carry it. See how it unfolds here.

Judging from the photos so far, the Aurora 7 looks a little rough but at least the company is willing to sell it. The same cannot be said for Razer’s ambitious Project Valerie concept.

 Expanscape is inviting interesting parties to reserve a prototype but said parties will have to sign a nondisclosure agreement prohibiting them from publicly sharing the price. In other words, expect the Aurora to be very expensive.

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