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President’s Challenge 2021 aims to raise S$10 million for uplifting low-income families through digital inclusion

President’s Challenge 2021 aims to raise S$10 million for uplifting low-income families through digital inclusion

President Halimah Yacob has decided on the focus for 2021’s President’s Challenge (PC2021), and it’s one we can get behind.

The focus for PC2021 is for all levels of society to capitalise on and benefit from digital technology. Called “Building a Digitally Inclusive Society“, PC2021 will not only support social causes but also raise funds to support social initiatives across 92 benefitting agencies.

Supported community agencies cut across the services gamut, ranging from cross-sector (Community Chest, AWWA, etc.), youth (TOUCH Community Services, etc.), disability (Autism Association Singapore, etc.), Eldercare (Care Community Services Society, etc.,), mental health (Resilience Collective), halfway houses (The Helping Hand, etc.,), general healthcare (National Kidney Foundation, etc.), disability sports, (Deaf Sports Association Singapore, etc.), to empowerment (Centre for Seniors, etc.). The full list of supported agencies can be found here.

A new national movement was also launched in conjunction with PC2021. Called the Digital for Life Movement, it builds upon existing community services that help equip more Singaporeans with necessary digital tools for modern survival and success. A separate Digital for Life Fund was set up to support these digital inclusion community projects jointly with IMDA. President Halimah is the Patron for Digital for Life, and PC2021 has seeded S$2.5 million in donations to said fund.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened Singapore’s digitalisation efforts, but also has the potential to widen the digital divide. The President’s Challenge hopes to support efforts to build a digitally inclusive society, where all Singaporeans feel excited, empowered and enriched by digital technologies. The Digital for Life movement and Fund brings us a step closer to achieving Singapore’s vision of becoming a digitally-inclusive society,” said President Halimah Yacob.

The fund will be active until 2023, where the government will match contributions dollar-for-dollar, with an aim to grow the funds to S$10 million over the next three years. Projects and activities supported by this new fund fall under two umbrellas: one, which focuses on building up digital resilience to help Singaporeans make better use of technology to enrich daily living, and two, promoting better digital habits as a society, which includes areas like digital literacy, cyber safety, and mitigating risk of online harm.

More details on applying for grants with the fund will surface in the coming months.

Source: IMDA

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