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KEF throws its first true wireless earbuds into the ring

KEF throws its first true wireless earbuds into the ring

KEF is one of the finest audio brands in the world, so it might be surprising to learn that the British company has only just now announced its very first true wireless earbuds – the Mu3.

The market might already be saturated with models from the high- to the low-end, but KEF promises several unique features up its sleeves.

The first, of course, is its distinctive design, noticeable at first glance.

The Mu3 is designed in collaboration with famed Welsh industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, who has also worked with the brand in the past. There’s something about its sculptural curves that looks very appealing, and it looks right at home beside KEF’s other curvaceous Hi-Fi products.

The company says it also boasts great build quality and comfort along with the design, but we’ll have to try it for ourselves to verify that claim.

Each of the earbuds in the Mu3 features two 8.2mm full-range dynamic drivers tuned to deliver its signature sound. KEF calls the sound “well balanced and coherent”, with “rich midrange, detailed bass and crisp high tones.” 

Naturally, it comes with active noise cancellation (ANC), like all high-end true wireless earbuds should in the year 2021. For better fit and noise isolation, the earbuds also ship with four sets of soft silicone ear tips.

KEF is also keen to highlight the Mu3’s use of simultaneous transmission via Bluetooth 5.0, which means your playback device sends a signal to both earbuds independently instead of the more common approach where audio is sent to one earpiece and relayed to the other. This should improve the stability of the connection.

Battery life is a big plus, with a rated 9-hour playback on one charge. Its case holds an additional 15 hours, and features fast-charging so you can get an additional 1 hour of listening time with just a 5-minute charge.

The Mu3 is rated IPX5, another slight step up from the rest of the crop that is typically IPX4 rated. This means instead of just resisting water splashes, it can hold up well against a sustained low-pressure water jet spray. Higher tolerance is definitely welcomed since all this is to better equip your device should it face an unpleasant situation that’s not in your control.

You’ll be able to buy these earbuds starting from right now on KEF’s official online store. Pricing is only listed in USD, but according to the conversion rate listed on the page, its US$249 price tag approximately translates to S$332  at the time of writing.

Hopefully, we’ll see it in other local retail channels soon. And I certainly won’t be surprised to see parallel imports appearing on Lazada or Shopee in due course. How would it fare against the many other true wireless earbuds we’ve reviewed recently? Stay tuned to our review in the very near future.

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