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Choosing a new Desktop is not tough task, you only need to know what you gonna do with your new desktop.


computer is an electronic device that process data and give us information. This machine has the capability to saveprocess, and retrieve the data. You can to write documentssend emailsplay games, and browse the Web, making calculations, presentations, and even videos.

A desktop computer is a device that is design for table desk i.e. it fixes on one location. It consists of Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and most importantly CPU (Central Processing Unit). Inside the CPU, you will find motherboard, RAM, Processor, GPU, Hard Drive, DVD Drive, SMPS, & Other components of CPU.

Desktop comes in two types, Branded and Assembled.
Branded Desktop is the desktop that are manufactures by companies like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple etc.  While the assembled desktop are those are self-made or by a computer experts according to your needs. Assembled PC is good choice when you need computer for some specific task like video editing or gaming etc. because they are considerably cheap as compared to branded ones.


Picking a new desktop is not a hard task, but before choosing a desktop, you should keep in mind the purpose of buying a desktop. Because it makes the configuration of your desktop, how ? let me explain you.

Suppose you are buying a desktop for your kid and he loves to play games then your new desktop must have a good quality external graphics card to support the games graphics, otherwise your desktop lags while playing games. Since the external graphics card are costlier so most of the motherboards offers inbuilt GPU to do most of its regular work but inbuilt are not helpful when you want to do heavy graphic work on your computer like playing a game or doing video editing etc.

In short, I have written down the five points to consider when buying a desktop especially for those who are fresh in computer knowledge.


1. Processor
Processor are considered as a brain of a computer so when you buy a desktop. Processor is the most important part of any desktop unit because it will determine the overall performance & speed of your computer, its speed is given in terms of GHz.

Depends on the budget there are high-end and mid-range processors available and it will depend on the work you want to do with your machine.

For common computer work, such as email, Internet browsing and word-processing a budget or mid-range processor is enough. However, for gaming, and especially 3D gaming, video editing and processing, movie watching and for some business functions a high-end processor is necessary.

High End Processors:
High-end processors are costlier then mid-range.  The exciting information is that while these processors are double in cost of mid-range types but they perform only 25-50% better. At present, the top high-end processors are AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, AMD Ryzen 9 3950X, Intel Core i5-10600K etc. (see best processors of 2020 )

2. RAM
RAM (Random Access Memory) denotes the total program you can run simultaneously without lags, slowdowns, crashes and drags.  Greater the ram is more fast is your computer performance

4 GB is good for lighter computers functions, however 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB is great for the optimal gaming and media experiences.

Another point to remember while buying a new desktop to check that there must be a open memory slots in the motherboard so that you can add RAM card when your Machine requires RAM upgrade as it is much cheap to add RAM card rather than to replace your motherboard.

Ports are the points that are required for attaching external hardware to your Main unit (CPU) like printers, internet/Ethernet, iPods, scanners etc. at present the most important and useful ports is the USB port, so before selecting the models ensure that it must have enough numbers of ports so that you can connect your external hardware simultaneously. We Recommends of four (4) USB ports. In addition, check for the latest version of USB used, today the USB 3.0 is the latest version.

Like USB, Ethernet is used for high-speed internet and networking, Printer and FireWire.   

Media card readers are also important that support a variety of flash memory cards for peripherals. Overall, the more ports you have the more variety and options you will have for peripherals.

Hard Drive used to store the data, depending on the data you save on your machine, you can choose the capacity of your hard drive, at present hard drives available in the market are 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB that is equals to 1024 GB. 

Besides saving your data, it will also save the Operating System, programs you install on your desktop.  At present the latest windows operating system will take around 4 GB of Space plus another programs will also take some space so in whole any normal desktop around 100 GB should be reserve for programs only. Therefore, we recommend that if you are normal user you should go with 256/512 GB, but if you are gamer or wants to store large number of videos, games, heavy software then you must look for 1 TB.  

Many desktop’s motherboards comes with inbuilt graphics that are good to go if you are a normal user and do some simple works like write documentssend emails, and browse the Web. Etc. However, if you are a heavy user like a gamer or a professional wants to do more intense graphic works then my recommendation is to go with something a little better possibly from NVIDIA or AMD. They make your computer resolution better. AMD cards are good for mining while NVidia is good for Adobe programs.

So if you want to buy a new desktop you must take care of these points so that you can purchase the right desktop for you, you can also go to our desktop review page where we will regularly post the reviews of latest branded desktops and also shows how to assembled the right desktop depends on your needs. Click on Desktop Review Page to browse to the page.

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