schedule shutdown in windows 10

Create a Scheduled Shutdown in Windows

How to Create a Schedule Shutdown in Windows 10

It was really frustrating when you wait for your download to finish and so you turned off your computer. People often ask me is there any method so that we can create a schedule shutdown in windows 10 or any other versions of windows.

Yes, you can create a schedule shutdown in windows 10. Windows has an inbuilt option of task scheduler through which you can perform various tasks including scheduled shutdown.

In this post I will show you how to create a schedule shutdown in windows 10 of your computer. I am doing this with Windows 10 but you can also perform the same steps for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and of course With Windows 10 .

STEP 1 >> Open the App “Task Scheduler”:

For this you need to go to your windows start menu and search Task scheduler, on Task Scheduler icon Right Click with your mouse and click run as administrator (See in image below), It will take you to task scheduler app. You can also go to Task Scheduler by navigating >>Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Administrative Tools >Task Scheduler

Shutdown in Windows

The Task Scheduler App will look like this >> (See below Image)

Shutdown in Windows

STEP 2 >> Create Basic Task:
In Task Scheduler App Go to Action Menu (In top Left) and click it create basic task. You will get another pop-up window of Create Basic Task Wizard.

Shutdown in Windows

STEP 3 >> Define Name :

In Create Basic Wizard You first have to write the Name of the Task so that you can easily remember this task in future. In my case I have named it “Auto shutdown”. You can also describe the work of this task in detail in the description box given below.

Shutdown in Windows

After filling these details >> Click Next >>

STEP 4 >>Trigger the Task :

When you click Next you will directed to Trigger page in which the app will ask you at what time you want to perform this and also the frequency of the task means that do you want to perform this task for only once or once in a month or daily or weekly you should check on the radio button against your desired. In this case we will choose daily.

Shutdown in Windows

Then Simply Click Next >>

STEP 5 > Set the time :

On the Next Screen you will see the time schedule window in which you have to setup the date and time to start your task

Here You can also set the the recurring period for the task. After entering the date and time and recurring period Click on Next button.

Shutdown in Windows

This will guide you to the next screen which is Action Screen.

STEP 6 Action:

In the Action Screen App will ask you about the Action you want to perform on the task. From below screen shot you can see the three options which are Start the Program; Send and email (deprecated) & Display a Message.

Shutdown in Windows

Right you don’t have to bother for the 2nd and 3rd Option and you only need to check the Start a program radio button (since we are creating the scheduled Shut Down Task) and click Next. This will guide to the start a program window.

STEP 7 >> Start a program :

In this Window you will see Script Field Option. In this field you have to define the executable file of window which process the shutdown action for this you have to go to your system 32 folder.

For this you need to click on Browse button then go to windows folder which you will find in Drive C (by default) Shutdown in Windows

Click on windows folder and find the System 32 Folder.

Shutdown in Windows

Then Click to open this folder and find the file shutdown.exe or you can also write shutdown.exe in search bar to find the this file.

Click on this file to select & click open.

Shutdown in Windows

Now in the argument field write “/s” and click next.

Shutdown in Windows

And that’s all you have successfully created the this task.

And finally click Next then on finish to complete this task.

I hope you will find this post useful, please do let me know if you have any question.

Further if you want to read on window support or how to improve your pc performance Go to Microsoft Help.

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