What Is Freelancing, How To Be A Good Freelancer?

How to be a good freelancer?

Who are freelancers?  

Freelancer is the term commonly used for a person specialist in a particular work or service and is self-employed. Freelancers can do multiple work or projects at once. Freelancing jobs are usually called “gigs” that gave you work from home conditions. But don’t consider freelancing as a work-from-home job. It doesn’t mean that you always have to work from home. You might have to work at your client’s office too.

How does it work?

The working method is very simple and lets just understood it by an Example-

Suppose Ramesh has opened a new company to launch his beauty products. So apart from producing & selling his product, he needs other important work to make his project successful. And they are he needs a brand name, an eye-catching logo, a website and so on.  This is the onetime job, so he gets it done by a freelancer who is an expert on this. Although he may contact you again if we satisfy him.

Scope of freelancing:

According to a report by FIA (Freelancing in America) 2017 around 57.3 million Americans doing freelancing.  In the USA alone Freelancers account for 36% of the workforce, and they contribute $1.4 trillion to the U.S economy. And an increase of around 30%   since last year. And these figures are enough to tell this industry.

In another survey conducted by a research firm Edelman Berland in July 2015 on the scope of freelancing has revealed some interesting results, which are.

  • A population of around 60% of Americans freelancers now earns more than what they used to earn when they were in their traditional jobs.
  • When asked about job satisfaction, 50% of freelancers said that they would not like to switch back to their traditional jobs, even if they are paid more.
  • 83% believed that their freelancing career has good scope for growth.
  • 60% of freelancers said that they switched from traditional jobs to freelance at their own will, rather than a necessity.

According to another report released by Intuit, by 2020 around 40% of Americans will switch to freelancing.
Do I also work as a freelancer?

Well, this was the question that I asked myself about a year ago. When I have quit my full-time career. The reason that I was obsessed of doing and repeating the same things again-n-again, conversely I have a passion for computers, gadgets, graphics, designing, internet, technology and all these kinds of stuff.

So for those who are reading this should think about their passion before deciding to be a freelancer, because this is what which gave you the identity of a specialist.

If you want to be a successful freelancer, then you should love what you do because CREATIVITY is the key to success in this profession.

Industries where freelancers are preferred (In India & Abroad):

According to a post in the seven most preferred portfolios are –
Content Writer, Digital Marketer, Financial Advisors, Data Analytics Professional, Web Developers, Education & Training, and Creative Design while important ones are – Project Management, Data Entry, HR & Recruiting.

Now let’s just discuss in short about them.

Content writing:

Writing is an art,  a writer turns any emotion or ideas into a communicable sentence and so for professional writing and presentation of the story. Freelance Professional writers are in massive demand. Anyone who knows how to play with the words and have strong vocabulary skills, writing is a popular freelance choice, according to BLS report that 61% of writers are self-employed.

Digital marketing:

What is digital marketing? Have you ever noticed ads displaying on websites, email, etc? Well, that’s the Digital marketing. It is an advertisement that delivers through digital channels. Channels such as social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites or any other such platform.

Digital marketing freelancers are nowadays famous among start-ups, who want to create their in-depth digital presence on search engines, social media, websites, and other similar platforms.

Financial advisors:

The professionals who help individuals or companies in managing their finances. The job growth outlook for careers in this field is great. According to BLS (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the personal financial advisor will see a 7% growth.

Data analytics professionals:

Data Analytics refers to the techniques which are used to analyze data to improve productivity and business gain. Data is extracted from various sources and cleaned and categorized to analyze different behavioral patterns.  In simple words, data analysts translate numbers into simple English.

Data analytics professionals help the start-ups and companies to advance their perceptions about the market.

Web developers:

The professionals who are responsible for the design, layout, and coding of a website are called web-developers. They are involved with the technical and graphical aspects of a website; how the site works and how it looks. They can be also involved with the maintenance and update of an existing site.

It is one of the highest demanding sectors in the freelancing industry. Shifting towards the dynamic web environment creates a huge demand for web developers.

Education and training:

India has the largest population in the world in the age bracket of 5-24 years. India also has a huge English-speaking population (India ranks 34th in English Proficiency Index) which makes the delivery of education products easy.  The growth of YouTube-like platforms provides a good online platform to freelancers from the education sector.

Also, Large corporates invite trainers to deliver interactive sessions for their employees on different topics like stress management, management of relationships, etc to boost up the work environment of employees and for their well-being.

Creative design:

No company is complete without its brand, and graphic designers are always in demand for that reason. This branding extends to everything from websites to logos to business cards to social-media accounts to visiting cards to, and in an ever-more-saturated market.  Most companies are probing at the bit to find creative people who can set them apart visually.

Project Management:

Project management is the way a person organizes and manages resources that are necessary to complete a project.  The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all the project goals within the given constraints. It is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific success in a specified time.

Data Entry:

Data entry means to operate equipment (often a keyboard) to input alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data into a company’s system. These formats include handwritten documents, spreadsheets, sequencing of numbers, computer codes, and even names and addresses. Sometimes in the conversion of important information there takes place the need for highly precise skills. So, the data entry work is outsourced to experts to get better results.

HR & Recruiting:

In short, human resource activities fall under the following five core functions: staffing, development, compensation, safety and health, employee and labor relations. While Recruitment refers to the overall process of searching, attracting, short-listing, selecting and appointing of potential employees and influencing them to work for their organization.

A freelance recruiter is someone who has hired by a business or corporation to find the best employees for the company. … While knowledge of how to be a successful salesperson is important, it is nowhere near as important as proper working knowledge of human resources is required.

Freedom of being a freelancer:

Probably the best part of the job. If you are freelance, then you are your boss, even more than a boss because even the boss has to follow the schedule time table but you have the freedom of time, location, money, and emotion.

You can work any time you want. You don’t have to bind yourself to a 9–5 job.
You can work from anywhere in the world. There is no restriction.
You can make as much money as you want. There is no limit. The more you work, the more you get paid.
You can choose the persons you want to work with. You don’t have to work with the same boss every time.

How much do you earn?

According to The Freelancer Income Survey Report, 2018 published by the Payoneer is that the global hourly freelance rate is $19.00.

In India, If you are just starting, you can refer to your social links to set up a primary rate card of sorts for the services you offer.

According to the survey conducted by Paypal in 2018 says that Freelancers in India earn an average of₹20 lakh annually. It further concluded that ‘freelancing’ takes wings in India, a significant 41 percent of Indian freelancers witnessed growth in the last 12 months. And nearly 23 percent of them had annual earnings of ₹ 40-50 lakh.  And 23% earn between Rs 2.5-5 lakh a year.

How to Find Freelance Work?

The source can be your family, friends, your social network, etc. But today in the digital’s world revolution, the easiest & trusted way to find the freelancing job is to focus on websites that hire freelancers. It can be a great way to start your search for freelance work. Meaning they posted the most freelance openings on their site. Here’s my favorite 14:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer (my favorite)
  4. 99designs
  5. Toptal
  6. Gigster
  7. Folyo
  8. Zirtual
  9. Creative Market
  10. Clarity
  11. Behance
  12. Guru
  13. PeoplePerHour
  14. Smashing Jobs

Benefits and Risks of Freelancing:

Every job has pros and cons and freelancing is no different. Being aware of challenges ahead can ensure you’re prepared and dealing with reality.

Control over your workload:  You determine your job, work, time, client and pay rate.

Flexibility:  Most of the time, working on freelance projects will involve working at your home office and working the hours you choose. But since you have the deadline to meet, you can command your time accordingly.

Rip-offs or risk:
As a freelancer, you are your boss so you need to alert on your taxes, invoices, payment & your overall management. You should also need to be updated by buying the software & gadgets you need to complete your work more creatively.

Buffet or dearth Situation is another real downside to freelancing. Some months you’ll be full to the ridge with work, while the next month may be a ghost town.  Freelancing requires good money management and constant sourcing of new clients.

Scams and Fake Jobs: according to the survey conducted by Paypal 60% of the freelancers’ reports of not having paid for at least once in their lifetime. So the best thing one can do is to sign a contract and if possible, visit the client’s office is also a good option.

The portal like or others is a much safer option to play with because they get the money deposited in advance from the employer into their account and pay you when their work is done. However, they charged their fee, but the money is safe.

How to be a good freelancer?

If you thinking of becoming a freelancer than you must set up yourself with few qualities to get triumph.

There’s no boss watching you out or colleagues to judge you when you spend an hour online shopping instead of working. Discipline is necessary to stay on track.

Diligence is very important, especially when you’re just getting started as a freelancer and desperately trying to track down work.

Many of us have a get-up-and-go type habit but after some time the energy level downs and we stop making efforts.  But freelancing success results from continuous hard & smart work of many years.

Be organized:
As a freelancer, you should have to perform different tasks like you need to reply promptly to your client and also keep a track of your income & expenses and stay on top of your deadlines.

You’re responsible for a lot of different tasks. You need to organize your work data, keep track of your income and expenses. You need to reply promptly to client emails.

Being a freelancer involves a lot of communication, like negotiating a higher rate or breaking up with a client—and handle them tactfully and professionally. If you want to grow your business, you will have to be comfortable networking and approaching strangers.

Do Freelancers Need A GST Number?

Yes, a freelancer has to get the GST number and pay 18% of Goods & Service Tax for any income you earned for your service. However, this is implemented for those who make an income of more than Rs 20 lakh in a year.

That’s all folks, I hope you are enough to clear to decide what to do. If you have questions or suggestions acknowledge me, I will surely reply.

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